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Winter is considered the time to replenish. Greetings from Rehmannia 1/19/2022 I just want to write a short note to thank you all for your support of my new RDT Connoisseurs’ line of supertonic elixir products; I’m very excited to release the greatest formulations of my career. This go-round, I find myself blessed with many […]

Shift With A Changing World

Take advantage of my 10% off discount through January. Code; “Winter10” Notes from Rehmannia When contemplating the world and humanity, I see an imminent need to shift ~ many of you surely feel the same. There’s a lot to be concerned about: viruses, extreme weather, violence, economics, paying our rent, relationships, stress… Well, the laundry […]

Introducing DREAM: Peaceful Sleep Tonic

Restful sleep is essential Starts Shipping on January 7, 2022 Pre-order now at only $39 ($7 savings) Peaceful sleep Gentle Wake up refreshed Not habit forming Not tranquilizing Are you one of the millions of Americans who have trouble sleeping at night? I sure am; my creative mind switches on at night, but when I […]


By Rehmannia Winter is considered the time to replenish, and store energy for the coming year. We eat hearty soups and stocks and stay by the fire. This is how we cultivate the deep energy reserves the Chinese call Jing. This vital “essence” is said to be held in the kidneys. Cultivating Jing can help […]