Support your immunity with mushrooms and other herbs

Just as we are enjoying our reclaimed freedoms, new developments are indicating we may not through with COVID. From the beginning of this pandemic, I’ve been very concerned that it could linger, morph, and possibly worsen. During the early days of the outbreak, I released my general immune enhancing formula, SHIELD, and have personally used it ever since. And while I have not yet been affected by the virus, I don’t let down my guard.

I maintain that all of us should take every precaution we can to help protect ourselves and our families, and to help stop the potential spread. Regardless of your stand on the vaccines, it is beneficial to use natural substances that are well known to assist immune strength and resilience. The mushroom family of polypore tree fungus have recently garnered much attention for their immune-enhancing properties (although the Chinese have known of these properties for over two thousand years). Many studies now allude to the tree polypore mushroom’s protective qualities.

Here are a few significant studies from the NIH (National Institutes of Health).

In SHIELD, I have combined the top immune-enhancing mushrooms; Reishi, Chaga, Coriolus, Maitake, Agaricus brazilliensis, and Cordyceps.

But that’s not all, I also include the renowned herb Astragalus (huang chi): long-used for immune enhancement, particularly the Wei Chi; the branch of the immune system that operates just below the outer layers of the skin, and protects us from airborne and waterborne pathogens from entering through our skin. This branch of the immune system has only recently been discovered by Western medical science.

And yet again, in my tradition of creating the best formulas, I have added the important anti-microbial herbScutellaria bicallensis (Huang qun), along with White Peony root, long used in TCM for helping “break up Chi stagnation.” The Chinese believe when the blockage of Chi – life’s vital energy – is stuck, disease can develop. Finally, I add Licorice root to “harmonize” the formula.

Altogether, SHIELD represents a comprehensive protection formula. These herbs are safe when taken according to instructions, and can be taken over extended periods. They generally do not appear to contraindicate with medicines.

SHIELD is a safe and effective formula for anyone; it can be an indispensable addition to your family’s supplement cupboard.

Enjoy your safety and self-empowerment.

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Taoingly, Rehmannia

ASCEND: a spring cleanse formula

Spring is the time to cleanse our body

The Chinese Masters believe Spring is the best time for a cleansing protocol. This makes sense, as many of us have just passed through a season where we were more ensconced at home; the days were shorter and nights longer; our physically active hours of the day are reduced. The best winter foods include hot soups and stews, and less raw roughage. We might crave coffee and sugary foods for fast energy, but these lifestyle and dietary factors can lead to the accumulation of waste and excess microbes in the body.

The liver is the dominant organ in Spring, and it works hard to cleanse and remove toxins and accumulated micro-organisms including yeast, harmful bacteria, and other life forms that can proliferate in our bodies.

Spring is also the time to set new resolutions for the coming year. Cleansing the blood, liver and lymph can greatly help improve our energy and our moods and help us leap into the new year with a lighter load and more optimism.

Yes! When we remove unwanted micro-organisms, we feel liberated. Truly, they can make us feel depressed and can also affect our cravings for sugar and other refined carbs, along with the many unhealthy foods in the standard American diet. After a good spring cleanse, the stuff we wanted to eat might not taste so good after all!

For many centuries the Chinese have used certain herbs safety and effectively to cleanse the inner milieu. These renowned herbs may have assisted the Chinese in fending off the plagues and other maladies brought from westerners throughout the 17-1800’s.
Aptly named, ASCEND is my formula for helping cleanse the liver-lymph-blood, and liberate the spirit. The primary herbs are Bupleurum (chai hu) and Scute root (huang qun).

Other herbs include Coptis, Ginger, and Polygala- a renowned herb called “the will strengthener.” Polygala can help us stay on our cleansing protocol during the sometimes-difficult early phase. I also add Eleuthero and Astragalus to increase the valiance of the formula.

ASCEND is safe and effective for adults to add to any cleansing protocol. It may be taken any time of the year, but as mentioned, springtime cleansing can provide the most optimal results.

I also recommend fasting on raw green vegetable juices during your cleansing phase.
This spring, enjoy a “new you!”
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