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RAKTA is my new formula for fortifying the blood

RAKTA is my new formula for fortifying the blood

Rakta is Sanskrit for ‘blood’

As a vegetarian, I’m especially excited to release RAKTA, a sophisticated formula designed to “build blood”, thereby helping us no-meaters avoid anemia. But this formula is not limited to vegetarians; anyone who wishes to strengthen the blood and facilitate its free-flow through the arteries and veins can benefit by taking RAKTA.

Rakta is Sanskrit for ‘blood.’ As a vegetarian of 30 years and a natural health practitioner, I have been interested in blood physiology. I do understand that the vegetarian and vegan diet can potentially cause anemia. I sought an answer and found it! RAKTA can represent an important link in blood fortification without eating meat.

In 2002, I noted in many my health consultations that vegetarians more-often showed deficiency of red blood. Subsequent studies revealed that red meat is the highest source of ferrous (heme) iron and is easily assimilated into our red blood cells. Whereas plant-based iron is called ferric iron– a heavier iron ion not as easily up-taken into the blood. This is why vegans and vegetarians, especially women in reproductive years, can develop anemia. Heme iron is a critical component in the development and vitality of red blood cells. Then comes the conundrum; some of don’t want to eat meat for a variety of reasons ~ all valid in my view.

Prior to Mao Tze Tung’s modernization of Chinese culture, the Chinese people didn’t consume red meat (except for some pork). Because of this, their traditional health authorities eventually discovered herbs that fortify the blood. These include Dang gui, Ligusticum, and Rehmannia. Over time, TCM authorities developed formulas with these herbs along with others that ‘move blood,’ including White peony root and Salvia milt. By 2006,

I had the idea to create a blood building elixir incorporating these and other herbs to be taken as a hot beverage. My first incarnation was “warm the middle” tea we served at the renowned Euphoria Loves Rawvolution restaurant in Santa Monica CA. This tea was immediately popular; customers reported feeling warmer and more vibrant. Many women also reported experiencing regular, trouble-free menses.

Afterward, I wrote my book RAW CHI, which simply and comprehensively describes the body’s blood-building process, which according to TCM, primarily occurs in the Spleen ‘meridian’ (our digestive system).

ETERNAL JING is my top youth and longevity formula, containing the most renowned anti-aging Tonic herbs ~ the stars of the show ~ taken safely and effectively for over 2000 years by the Families of the Imperial Dynasties and the famed immortals of Chinese folklore. ETERNAL JING is a treasure-trove of deep and lasting empowerment, safe for everyone over 5 years of age. And it tastes great! A teaspoon diluted in a mug of hot water with added nut milk and honey makes a tasty morning fortification drink. Ingredients: Ho Sho Wu, Astragalus, Cistanche, Rehmannia, Reishi, Goji, Mulberry, Schizandra, Lohan quo, Bamboo, ORMUS.
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Taoingly, Rehmannia

Support your immunity with mushrooms and other herbs

Just as we are enjoying our reclaimed freedoms, new developments are indicating we may not through with COVID. From the beginning of this pandemic, I’ve been very concerned that it could linger, morph, and possibly worsen. During the early days of the outbreak, I released my general immune enhancing formula, SHIELD, and have personally used it ever since. And while I have not yet been affected by the virus, I don’t let down my guard.

I maintain that all of us should take every precaution we can to help protect ourselves and our families, and to help stop the potential spread. Regardless of your stand on the vaccines, it is beneficial to use natural substances that are well known to assist immune strength and resilience. The mushroom family of polypore tree fungus have recently garnered much attention for their immune-enhancing properties (although the Chinese have known of these properties for over two thousand years). Many studies now allude to the tree polypore mushroom’s protective qualities.

Here are a few significant studies from the NIH (National Institutes of Health).

In SHIELD, I have combined the top immune-enhancing mushrooms; Reishi, Chaga, Coriolus, Maitake, Agaricus brazilliensis, and Cordyceps.

But that’s not all, I also include the renowned herb Astragalus (huang chi): long-used for immune enhancement, particularly the Wei Chi; the branch of the immune system that operates just below the outer layers of the skin, and protects us from airborne and waterborne pathogens from entering through our skin. This branch of the immune system has only recently been discovered by Western medical science.

And yet again, in my tradition of creating the best formulas, I have added the important anti-microbial herbScutellaria bicallensis (Huang qun), along with White Peony root, long used in TCM for helping “break up Chi stagnation.” The Chinese believe when the blockage of Chi – life’s vital energy – is stuck, disease can develop. Finally, I add Licorice root to “harmonize” the formula.

Altogether, SHIELD represents a comprehensive protection formula. These herbs are safe when taken according to instructions, and can be taken over extended periods. They generally do not appear to contraindicate with medicines.

SHIELD is a safe and effective formula for anyone; it can be an indispensable addition to your family’s supplement cupboard.

Enjoy your safety and self-empowerment.

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Taoingly, Rehmannia

ASCEND: a spring cleanse formula

Spring is the time to cleanse our body

The Chinese Masters believe Spring is the best time for a cleansing protocol. This makes sense, as many of us have just passed through a season where we were more ensconced at home; the days were shorter and nights longer; our physically active hours of the day are reduced. The best winter foods include hot soups and stews, and less raw roughage. We might crave coffee and sugary foods for fast energy, but these lifestyle and dietary factors can lead to the accumulation of waste and excess microbes in the body.

The liver is the dominant organ in Spring, and it works hard to cleanse and remove toxins and accumulated micro-organisms including yeast, harmful bacteria, and other life forms that can proliferate in our bodies.

Spring is also the time to set new resolutions for the coming year. Cleansing the blood, liver and lymph can greatly help improve our energy and our moods and help us leap into the new year with a lighter load and more optimism.

Yes! When we remove unwanted micro-organisms, we feel liberated. Truly, they can make us feel depressed and can also affect our cravings for sugar and other refined carbs, along with the many unhealthy foods in the standard American diet. After a good spring cleanse, the stuff we wanted to eat might not taste so good after all!

For many centuries the Chinese have used certain herbs safety and effectively to cleanse the inner milieu. These renowned herbs may have assisted the Chinese in fending off the plagues and other maladies brought from westerners throughout the 17-1800’s.
Aptly named, ASCEND is my formula for helping cleanse the liver-lymph-blood, and liberate the spirit. The primary herbs are Bupleurum (chai hu) and Scute root (huang qun).

Other herbs include Coptis, Ginger, and Polygala- a renowned herb called “the will strengthener.” Polygala can help us stay on our cleansing protocol during the sometimes-difficult early phase. I also add Eleuthero and Astragalus to increase the valiance of the formula.

ASCEND is safe and effective for adults to add to any cleansing protocol. It may be taken any time of the year, but as mentioned, springtime cleansing can provide the most optimal results.

I also recommend fasting on raw green vegetable juices during your cleansing phase.
This spring, enjoy a “new you!”
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PHOENIX: a mid-life woman’s formula

Supporting hormone balance, bones and stamina

In Greek mythology, the Phoenix represents the mythical bird that flies out of its ashes.

As an 8 year old boy I watched my mother go through severe menopausal changes. I sought to understand what happened to her, which set me on my trajectory as a healer. Since then I have learned some great things, and also observed how our society overlooks the health needs of our women in mid-life.
I am gratified to have learned that menopause is far from an end-point in a women’s life. In fact, the opposite could be true; women in mid-life-and-beyond enter a stage where their power is enhanced and balanced in ways that younger people should be in awe of… I could write a longer dissertation on this subject, and you can read more in my first book Healing Thresholds (you may find used copied online, and I hope to print more copies soon).

Simply put, women beyond menopause enter a life-stage where the progestogenic and androgenic hormone become more balanced, thereby, women become sovereign entities, more assertive and outspoken, and become our authoritarian figures; I think post-menopausal women should be our political leaders.
Nevertheless, our mid-life women can benefit through supplementing to support feminine hormones, bone support, and a few other needs.

PHOENIX is my most popular formula. It contains the wild yam Dioscorea, which helps post-ovulatory women maintain higher progesterone. This master hormone is responsible for synthesizing and regulating estrogen; by supporting healthy progesterone, estrogen needs are sustained. It is crucially important for women’s health to have her own estrogens saturating her cellular receptor sites, thereby helping prevent harmful estrogen-mimicking molecules from gaining refuge.

I also include the bone-supporting herb Eucommia bark, which is equally important, as post-menopausal women who are under stress can experience osteoporosis.

Reishi, Rehmannia, Morinda, and Schizandra round out PHOENIX to support women’s emotional and spiritual needs, providing energy, toning the muscles, and for anti-ageing effects.
Any woman entering pre-menopause can benefit by taking PHOENIX ~ to help rise into another stage of self-empowerment and purpose.

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Taoingly, Rehmannia

AWAKEN to the early glimmerings of Spring; is a new world coming?

Constant anxiety can run us down

Many of us have experienced an arduous winter; climate anomalies – unusual conditions. It has been a time to adapt to new challenges, and I believe more need to adapt will follow as we enter a new era on our planet. Stresses have also increased in our societies; dangers are all around us; paying high rents and bills, providing for our families, presenting ever-growing challenges; how safe do we feel? How loved? How secure?

Swedish Endocrinologist Hans Seyle stated, “The ability to manage stress is the measure of our lives.” Truly, when we are under stress, our adrenals are taxed. This constant anxiety can run us down, and even accelerate ageing.
Frankly, living organisms that most readily adapt to changes in the environment can actually thrive from the stimulus; can you adapt to a lifestyle and world that is different than the one you’ve known?

Extensive research, determining many of the tonic herbs contain adaptogenic properties

In 1947, a new class of herbs was established, called Adaptogens. A Russian doctor named Nicoli Lazarov did the initial research when observing the herbs Rhodiola rosea and Eleuthero (formerly Siberian ginseng), finding they helped the northern Siberian populations survive the harsh winters. Their subsequent studies with control groups showed a heightened adaptability to stress, supporting circadian rhythms, replenishing adrenals, and increasing mental acuity.

After Lazarov’s announcement, the Chinese health authorities conducted extensive research, determining many of the tonic herbs contain adaptogenic properties.

In AWAKEN, I have combined the top adaptogenic herbs from China. Rhodiola crenulata, Eleuthero, Gynostemma, Astragalus, and more, to create a premier adaptogenic product. I also include Lion’s mane mushroom and Polygonatum sibericum, herbs well known to help increase mental function. A morning elixir of this wonderful tasting formula can really assist us in navigating our stressful and demanding environment, workspace, and lifestyle, and help us succeed in our ambitions.
I consider AWAKEN to be an essential supplement for everyone living today.
You can purchase AWAKEN and other formulas in my shop.
I’m always happy to answer your questions and assist.

Taoingly, Rehmannia

New Ojai Studio, and Possible Presence In Austin

Hi friends. I want to invite you to visit my new herb studio in Ojai and receive a free consultation.

I have a new herb studio!

I am so happy to return to the Resonance Center to an even more spacious room. The center could not be a better fit for me! I feel like Ojai has reached out her arms and enveloped me; I love this little town!

And I am happy to see you here, and to offer, as always, a free consultation. I know it’s a bit of a ride from LA, but a day at the restaurants and on the hiking trails is well worth it.

I have stocked my consultation space with whole herbs and my signature RDT powdered extract formulas, and am ready to accommodate you with the herbal therapy you need.

And if you stop in, I can offer you a bag of my formula Spirit Jing, a scrumptious anti-aging smoothie mix that will soon be on the RDT website; I now have pre-sale bags available for my personal clients.

See it and other formulas in my shop.

Give me a call or text or email to schedule a visit, and I hope to see you in person!

In other news, I’m thinking of dual-locating in Austin TX. Many oracles have guided me to make this move, and I hope to spend time there as well as Ojai.

In early March I’m on my way down to see Austin, and I’ll be doing 2 events on the way.

On March 3rd, I’ll be in Phoenix at the Giving Tree Cafe – 2024 N. 7th St. Ste 111, Phoenix, AZ 85006. Invite your friends and be sure to RSVP.

And on March 4th at Vortex in Sedona. We will feature my new elixirs so if you’re in AZ, please hit me up and I’ll let you know the details.

In any case, I hope to see you soon!

Taoingly, Rehmannia