Herbal Insights:

SHILAJIT – The Most Powerful Superfood of Them All

Can a substance that resembles “tar” be “fascinating?”
Yes, quite!

Shilajit is becoming popular in the West, where it is primarily available as a black tarry resin.

Shilajit (pronounced Shee-Lah-Gee) is the undisputed top “Rasayan” (superherb) in Ayurvedic medicine, occupying a status far above all other herbs and superfoods. Shilajit appears to be a dense concentration of the remains of ancient, primordial forests ~ plants, animals, and minerals from an entire ecosystem

Carboniferous remnants from bygone epochs exist as oil, coal, and sedimentary detritus from peat bogs (ex. Leonardite).

Yet, Shilajit is unique; it exudes from high mountain rock fissures above 10,000 feet and may be older than the above-mentioned humic substances.

Shilajit is sourced from high Mountains including the Himalayas, Andes, and other and other ranges such as the pristine Altai Mountains (pictured above).

The Altai range is a magnificent mountain chain bordering the Himalayas. The region has been largely unaffected by human activity; the primary inhabitants are nomadic sheep herders, who cause little or no ecological damage.
Our shilajit is collected above the tree line, where it seeps out of fissures in springtime.

Shilajit appears to be composed of the remains of complete rain forests that existed prior to the mountains’ formation, possibly hundreds of millions of years ago. As the strata rose, portions of these forests were rolled into and encased inside the rock, where the primary constituents, called fulvic acids, act to break down the forest and animal material and prevent putrefaction, preserving them into perpetuity.

Shilajit is evaluated by determining the fulvic acid content. Fulvic acids are the smallest-densest molecules in nature and are taken up by plants roots as their primary nutrition. Fulvic acids in the soil are a critical component of value in soil, and are the basic nutrient source for all organisms.

True shilajit is confirmed in numerous studies to contain healthy ratios of all 125 elements in the periodic table, including boron, molybdenum, iodine, cobalt ~ and other elements that are severely lacking in our standard, processed, sugar-laden foods. This is why so many people experience poor health; our diet is deficient in a vast array of minerals, vitamins, and other important nutritional requirements.

Combined with a heathy diet and active lifestyle, one or two capsules of shilajit daily can greatly assist everyone’s health and longevity. In this day of devitalized food and sedentary lifestyles, we owe it to ourselves to receive the necessary nutrients we need for health of body/mind/spirit. Shilajit is the number one choice ~ a great gift in anyone’s life.