RAKTA is my new formula for fortifying the blood

RAKTA is my new formula for fortifying the blood

Rakta is Sanskrit for ‘blood’

As a vegetarian, I’m especially excited to release RAKTA, a sophisticated formula designed to “build blood”, thereby helping us no-meaters avoid anemia. But this formula is not limited to vegetarians; anyone who wishes to strengthen the blood and facilitate its free-flow through the arteries and veins can benefit by taking RAKTA.

Rakta is Sanskrit for ‘blood.’ As a vegetarian of 30 years and a natural health practitioner, I have been interested in blood physiology. I do understand that the vegetarian and vegan diet can potentially cause anemia. I sought an answer and found it! RAKTA can represent an important link in blood fortification without eating meat.

In 2002, I noted in many my health consultations that vegetarians more-often showed deficiency of red blood. Subsequent studies revealed that red meat is the highest source of ferrous (heme) iron and is easily assimilated into our red blood cells. Whereas plant-based iron is called ferric iron– a heavier iron ion not as easily up-taken into the blood. This is why vegans and vegetarians, especially women in reproductive years, can develop anemia. Heme iron is a critical component in the development and vitality of red blood cells. Then comes the conundrum; some of don’t want to eat meat for a variety of reasons ~ all valid in my view.

Prior to Mao Tze Tung’s modernization of Chinese culture, the Chinese people didn’t consume red meat (except for some pork). Because of this, their traditional health authorities eventually discovered herbs that fortify the blood. These include Dang gui, Ligusticum, and Rehmannia. Over time, TCM authorities developed formulas with these herbs along with others that ‘move blood,’ including White peony root and Salvia milt. By 2006,

I had the idea to create a blood building elixir incorporating these and other herbs to be taken as a hot beverage. My first incarnation was “warm the middle” tea we served at the renowned Euphoria Loves Rawvolution restaurant in Santa Monica CA. This tea was immediately popular; customers reported feeling warmer and more vibrant. Many women also reported experiencing regular, trouble-free menses.

Afterward, I wrote my book RAW CHI, which simply and comprehensively describes the body’s blood-building process, which according to TCM, primarily occurs in the Spleen ‘meridian’ (our digestive system).

ETERNAL JING is my top youth and longevity formula, containing the most renowned anti-aging Tonic herbs ~ the stars of the show ~ taken safely and effectively for over 2000 years by the Families of the Imperial Dynasties and the famed immortals of Chinese folklore. ETERNAL JING is a treasure-trove of deep and lasting empowerment, safe for everyone over 5 years of age. And it tastes great! A teaspoon diluted in a mug of hot water with added nut milk and honey makes a tasty morning fortification drink. Ingredients: Ho Sho Wu, Astragalus, Cistanche, Rehmannia, Reishi, Goji, Mulberry, Schizandra, Lohan quo, Bamboo, ORMUS.
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Taoingly, Rehmannia