PHOENIX: a mid-life woman’s formula

Supporting hormone balance, bones and stamina

In Greek mythology, the Phoenix represents the mythical bird that flies out of its ashes.

As an 8 year old boy I watched my mother go through severe menopausal changes. I sought to understand what happened to her, which set me on my trajectory as a healer. Since then I have learned some great things, and also observed how our society overlooks the health needs of our women in mid-life.
I am gratified to have learned that menopause is far from an end-point in a women’s life. In fact, the opposite could be true; women in mid-life-and-beyond enter a stage where their power is enhanced and balanced in ways that younger people should be in awe of… I could write a longer dissertation on this subject, and you can read more in my first book Healing Thresholds (you may find used copied online, and I hope to print more copies soon).

Simply put, women beyond menopause enter a life-stage where the progestogenic and androgenic hormone become more balanced, thereby, women become sovereign entities, more assertive and outspoken, and become our authoritarian figures; I think post-menopausal women should be our political leaders.
Nevertheless, our mid-life women can benefit through supplementing to support feminine hormones, bone support, and a few other needs.

PHOENIX is my most popular formula. It contains the wild yam Dioscorea, which helps post-ovulatory women maintain higher progesterone. This master hormone is responsible for synthesizing and regulating estrogen; by supporting healthy progesterone, estrogen needs are sustained. It is crucially important for women’s health to have her own estrogens saturating her cellular receptor sites, thereby helping prevent harmful estrogen-mimicking molecules from gaining refuge.

I also include the bone-supporting herb Eucommia bark, which is equally important, as post-menopausal women who are under stress can experience osteoporosis.

Reishi, Rehmannia, Morinda, and Schizandra round out PHOENIX to support women’s emotional and spiritual needs, providing energy, toning the muscles, and for anti-ageing effects.
Any woman entering pre-menopause can benefit by taking PHOENIX ~ to help rise into another stage of self-empowerment and purpose.

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Taoingly, Rehmannia