AWAKEN to the early glimmerings of Spring; is a new world coming?

Constant anxiety can run us down

Many of us have experienced an arduous winter; climate anomalies – unusual conditions. It has been a time to adapt to new challenges, and I believe more need to adapt will follow as we enter a new era on our planet. Stresses have also increased in our societies; dangers are all around us; paying high rents and bills, providing for our families, presenting ever-growing challenges; how safe do we feel? How loved? How secure?

Swedish Endocrinologist Hans Seyle stated, “The ability to manage stress is the measure of our lives.” Truly, when we are under stress, our adrenals are taxed. This constant anxiety can run us down, and even accelerate ageing.
Frankly, living organisms that most readily adapt to changes in the environment can actually thrive from the stimulus; can you adapt to a lifestyle and world that is different than the one you’ve known?

Extensive research, determining many of the tonic herbs contain adaptogenic properties

In 1947, a new class of herbs was established, called Adaptogens. A Russian doctor named Nicoli Lazarov did the initial research when observing the herbs Rhodiola rosea and Eleuthero (formerly Siberian ginseng), finding they helped the northern Siberian populations survive the harsh winters. Their subsequent studies with control groups showed a heightened adaptability to stress, supporting circadian rhythms, replenishing adrenals, and increasing mental acuity.

After Lazarov’s announcement, the Chinese health authorities conducted extensive research, determining many of the tonic herbs contain adaptogenic properties.

In AWAKEN, I have combined the top adaptogenic herbs from China. Rhodiola crenulata, Eleuthero, Gynostemma, Astragalus, and more, to create a premier adaptogenic product. I also include Lion’s mane mushroom and Polygonatum sibericum, herbs well known to help increase mental function. A morning elixir of this wonderful tasting formula can really assist us in navigating our stressful and demanding environment, workspace, and lifestyle, and help us succeed in our ambitions.
I consider AWAKEN to be an essential supplement for everyone living today.
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Taoingly, Rehmannia