My #1 Super “Black Foods” Longevity Powder!


If you haven’t tried Morning Jing, you’re in for a super-tasting treat and a unique nutrition experience, and I’m sure those of you who already love it will be happy for this triumphant return.

MORNING JING is my favortite nutritional powder of all time! I consume it regularly for youthfulness, longevity, and vitality! I make myself a delicious drink whenever I need a sweet grounding pick-me-up!                                                                    –Abby L. 

Truly, there’s no other product like MORNING JING, my best-seller, which has consistently received the highest satisfaction reviews from my customers. I created this wonderful longevity powder blend in 2006, and recently had to wrap up a few issues with my old company before bringing it back. In the interim I had created a close facsimile, called SPIRIT JING, which we will keep in stock and reintroduce Morning Jing.

Morning Jing is a product for the entire family to enjoy. It tastes great in a glass of milk (I prefer oat milk). Adding a bit of honey and cacao makes a wonderful drink the kids will love. And Morning Jing will help them grow up strong and resilient against environmental and emotional stresses.

MORNING JING contains “black” superfoods and herbs long-revered as longevity/vitality tonics benefitting the kidneys  – black bean, black rice and black sesame are combined with black maca, Ho show wu, and black reishi  ~  our true fountain of youth. Black pigmented foods are loaded with important ionic mineral complexes that support hormone balance and general endocrine function.

It is difficult to procure the black bean,rice, and sesame powders. Because of this, no other company has created a Morning Jing knock-off. Also, we can only buy very small batches, which insures the product is fresh. Yes! Upon opening, the fresh aroma will reveal a vitality not found in any other nutritional powder (most of them are energetically dead).

 Please enjoy my masterpiece: I’m so happy to bring Morning Jing back!

Taoingly, Rehmannia