Support your immunity with mushrooms and other herbs

Just as we are enjoying our reclaimed freedoms, new developments are indicating we may not through with COVID. From the beginning of this pandemic, I’ve been very concerned that it could linger, morph, and possibly worsen. During the early days of the outbreak, I released my general immune enhancing formula, SHIELD, and have personally used it ever since. And while I have not yet been affected by the virus, I don’t let down my guard.

I maintain that all of us should take every precaution we can to help protect ourselves and our families, and to help stop the potential spread. Regardless of your stand on the vaccines, it is beneficial to use natural substances that are well known to assist immune strength and resilience. The mushroom family of polypore tree fungus have recently garnered much attention for their immune-enhancing properties (although the Chinese have known of these properties for over two thousand years). Many studies now allude to the tree polypore mushroom’s protective qualities.

Here are a few significant studies from the NIH (National Institutes of Health).

In SHIELD, I have combined the top immune-enhancing mushrooms; Reishi, Chaga, Coriolus, Maitake, Agaricus brazilliensis, and Cordyceps.

But that’s not all, I also include the renowned herb Astragalus (huang chi): long-used for immune enhancement, particularly the Wei Chi; the branch of the immune system that operates just below the outer layers of the skin, and protects us from airborne and waterborne pathogens from entering through our skin. This branch of the immune system has only recently been discovered by Western medical science.

And yet again, in my tradition of creating the best formulas, I have added the important anti-microbial herbScutellaria bicallensis (Huang qun), along with White Peony root, long used in TCM for helping “break up Chi stagnation.” The Chinese believe when the blockage of Chi – life’s vital energy – is stuck, disease can develop. Finally, I add Licorice root to “harmonize” the formula.

Altogether, SHIELD represents a comprehensive protection formula. These herbs are safe when taken according to instructions, and can be taken over extended periods. They generally do not appear to contraindicate with medicines.

SHIELD is a safe and effective formula for anyone; it can be an indispensable addition to your family’s supplement cupboard.

Enjoy your safety and self-empowerment.

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Taoingly, Rehmannia

New Ojai Studio, and Possible Presence In Austin

Hi friends. I want to invite you to visit my new herb studio in Ojai and receive a free consultation.

I have a new herb studio!

I am so happy to return to the Resonance Center to an even more spacious room. The center could not be a better fit for me! I feel like Ojai has reached out her arms and enveloped me; I love this little town!

And I am happy to see you here, and to offer, as always, a free consultation. I know it’s a bit of a ride from LA, but a day at the restaurants and on the hiking trails is well worth it.

I have stocked my consultation space with whole herbs and my signature RDT powdered extract formulas, and am ready to accommodate you with the herbal therapy you need.

And if you stop in, I can offer you a bag of my formula Spirit Jing, a scrumptious anti-aging smoothie mix that will soon be on the RDT website; I now have pre-sale bags available for my personal clients.

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Give me a call or text or email to schedule a visit, and I hope to see you in person!

In other news, I’m thinking of dual-locating in Austin TX. Many oracles have guided me to make this move, and I hope to spend time there as well as Ojai.

In early March I’m on my way down to see Austin, and I’ll be doing 2 events on the way.

On March 3rd, I’ll be in Phoenix at the Giving Tree Cafe – 2024 N. 7th St. Ste 111, Phoenix, AZ 85006. Invite your friends and be sure to RSVP.

And on March 4th at Vortex in Sedona. We will feature my new elixirs so if you’re in AZ, please hit me up and I’ll let you know the details.

In any case, I hope to see you soon!

Taoingly, Rehmannia

ETERNAL JING: A Premier Longevity Tonic

Jing is the foundation of our life-potential

It’s the thick of winter, just before the relief of spring. Winter is the time to recharge our deep energy. We call this energy Jing.

Jing is our life-force, accumulated from our ancestors; this “epigenetic” inheritance is called Pre-natal Jing. How we were nourished during our formative years is called Post-natal Jing. Our Jing can be traced back four generations; The diets and lifestyles of our Great Grandparents are imbedded in our bloodline- our genome.

Jing is our treasure. How much will we accomplish during our lives? How adventurous will we be? How resilient are we against life’s stresses and destructive elements? How creative are we? How effectively do we avoid sickness and recover from bodily damage? How ready are we to take on challenges and new endeavors? This is the measure of our Jing.

When we feel vulnerable at our core, weak at our root, we are depleted of this all-important treasure. We will show signs of ageing more quickly, and what’s worse, our children will inherit the same energy deficits.

Fortunately for us living in today’s stressful and toxic environment, we have discovered ancient Chinese herbs long documented to replenish Jing. I cannot stress how monumental this is; we can replenish our deep life reserves and reclaim super-empowerment, to help us accomplish our dreams and live our adventures!

ETERNAL JING; a formula containing the most-revered Jing herbs

ETERNAL JING; a formula containing the most-revered Jing herbs
Historically, these tonic herbs have been sequestered to the elite of China, and were only recently revealed in the Western World.

That’s why I have created ETERNAL JING; a formula containing the foremost Jing herbs to support anti-aging and self-empowerment!

ETERNAL JING contains Tonic herbs for sexual power, beauty, adaptability to stress, and to counter the ravages of aging. Cistanche is a famed herb for sexual potency, while Ho Show wu replenishes these powerful essences. Reishi empowers the spirit and fortifies general immune response. Schizandra supports every bodily organ and function and is considered a beauty and longevity herb. Astragalus supports “upright Chi.,” helping keep the body erect while assisting peripheral blood flow. These and other supporting herbs make ETERNAL JING a stellar product to help sustain the longevity and vitality of your entire family.

I feel blessed to have attained the knowledge of Jing herbs, and to have created this stellar combination, based on thousands of years use. The Jing herbs are safe for everyone, and as I mentioned, there is no more important time than now to learn about them and incorporate them into your dietary regimen.

ETERNAL JING is a treasure-trove of deep and lasting empowerment, safe for everyone over 5 years of age. And it tastes great! A teaspoon diluted in a mug of hot water with added nut milk and honey makes a tasty morning fortification drink. Ingredients: Ho Sho Wu, Astragalus, Cistanche, Rehmannia, Reishi, Goji, Mulberry, Schizandra, Lohan quo, Bamboo, ORMUS.

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In the Name of Jing for future generations!

Taoingly, Rehmannia

Shift With A Changing World

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Notes from Rehmannia
When contemplating the world and humanity, I see an imminent need to shift ~ many of you surely feel the same. There’s a lot to be concerned about: viruses, extreme weather, violence, economics, paying our rent, relationships, stress… Well, the laundry basket is full, and it’s time to go to the cleaners.

My new SHIFT formula contains renowned Tonic Herbs long-used to fortify the spirit and help us remove energetic clutter that could be holding us back. The good news is we can clear and reset our body/mind/spirit. The Tonic Herbs can be powerful allies in this new housewarming protocol. The great ancient formulaic philosophy of my herbal lineage has resulted in formulations long-known to truly help promote inner peace and fulfillment.

Winter is the time of the year when we give praise to a great saint who taught love and healing. During winter we temporarily retreat from the world of action/reaction and contemplate our destiny, our yearnings and wishes, and we set lofty goals to make the coming year a good one. Now is a perfect time to add SHIFT into our lives, to assist enhancing those dreams and affirmations to bring a better future for ourselves and all things.

SHIFT contains an array of the most renowned herbs of ancient Asia for tonifying the spirit, called Shen. The ancient Masters knew of Reishi’s spirit-strengthening powers. The Emperors were given reishi tea daily to imbue their leadership with benevolence. Therefore, Reishi is called the “herb of spiritual immortality.” It is known as a “Bridge between Earth and Heaven,” helping connect us to the higher energies. It is said reishi brings good fortune, and “initiates benevolent cycles of health.” Our lives can become more fruitful, adventuresome, creative, and lucky. Reishi sure did that for me!

Spirit poria is said to help liberate the spirit while keeping our feet on the ground, and Asparagus root is the herb the Taoist monks claim to use to make them fly (please do not attempt to fly after taking asparagus root!) Albizzia flower is said to help one “overcome heartbreak, anxiety and stress,” and Pearl is grounding and promotes peaceful relaxation. Polygala is called the “Will strengthener,” to help endow us with the fortitude to let go of that which does not serve our higher good.

Well, I must admit that all this sounds pretty lofty! But over 5000 years use by Imperial Families and wizened Masters, is a pretty good testimonial. SHIFT sure helped me, and I am confident this formula of premier Shen herbs can help you experience noticeable benefits in a very short time.

RDT Connoisseurs formulas are composed of only pure excipient-free 10:1 powdered herbal extracts, sourced from pristine sanctioned harvesting regions in the forests of Northern Manchuria, China, and extracted with state-of-the-art equipment for the highest efficacy.

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